Orders Of Supervision

If you have been detained by ICE and then released, you might have received an order of supervision (OSUP). An order of supervision, usually handed down to individuals waiting for a court hearing or final deportation order, is one way ICE keeps tabs on immigrants. The real purpose of these orders is to minimize the risk of flight.

An order of supervision is considered to be a humanitarian act on the part of ICE. It directs the individual to meet regularly with ICE representatives and to agree to a set of specific conditions.

Many released detainees find the restrictions imposed by the order to be nearly as confining as being in detention. You may have to ask for permission in advance any time you travel or change your place of residence.

The conditions imposed by an order of supervision can remain in place for months or even years. If you believe your orders of supervision are unfair, you can petition ICE to have the order adjusted. Mark E. Jacobs has assisted many clients in loosening the restrictions imposed by orders of supervision.

Orders of supervision apply mainly to people awaiting final orders of removal, to those actually awaiting removal, and to noncitizens, such as stateless individuals, that ICE is unable to deport.

OSUP Attorney Serving The Greater Dallas, Texas, Region

If you have been placed under supervision, and you believe the orders are too harsh, talk to Mark Jacobs.

Make no mistake: it is preferable to be under an OSUP than to be in jail. The order may make it possible for you to obtain an employment authorization card (EAD), so that you can earn money while you wait for your case to be processed. It can also give you time to apply for the kind of visa that will allow you to continue to live in the U.S.

Arm yourself with the experience and tenacity of one of a Dallas orders of supervision lawyer who really cares about the immigrant community in northern Texas. Call Mark E. Jacobs at 972-445-7577, or write to him using this email link.

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